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02:22 19.05.2024
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#IDHallCashierOpen timeOpen amountClose timeSold to playersBought from playersShortageStatus
1181Hall 3Leopoldo17.06.22 10:32:481070 USD18.06.22 03:19:331000 USD1000 USD0 USDOpen
2180Hall 1Shanny06.03.22 12:19:135160 USD07.03.22 11:47:291000 USD1000 USD0 USDOpen
3179Hall 1Leopoldo06.10.21 00:38:067460 USD06.10.21 23:26:10100 USD100 USD0 USDOpen
4178Hall 3Shanny03.03.22 08:09:399350 USD04.03.22 03:54:10100 USD100 USD0 USDOpen
5177Hall 2Shanny11.11.21 12:37:115780 USD12.11.21 06:42:16400 USD400 USD0 USDOpen
6176Hall 2Shanny18.03.22 19:27:032490 USD19.03.22 15:00:45200 USD200 USD0 USDOpen
7175Hall 3Morgan22.08.22 23:23:015550 USD23.08.22 06:18:07500 USD500 USD0 USDOpen
8174Hall 1Leopoldo30.09.21 15:30:044000 USD01.10.21 03:07:51100 USD100 USD0 USDOpen
9173Hall 3Morgan07.06.22 10:12:5690 USD07.06.22 13:59:361000 USD1000 USD0 USDClosed
10172Hall 1Morgan10.07.22 23:43:481050 USD11.07.22 22:07:25500 USD500 USD0 USDClosed
11171Hall 3Shanny12.01.22 17:05:442120 USD13.01.22 06:45:41400 USD400 USD0 USDOpen
12170Hall 2Shanny29.09.21 15:23:382360 USD30.09.21 09:35:12100 USD100 USD0 USDOpen
13169Hall 3Leopoldo25.01.22 07:44:042370 USD26.01.22 03:22:33400 USD400 USD0 USDOpen
14168Hall 3Leopoldo25.10.21 19:33:118020 USD26.10.21 04:44:41100 USD100 USD0 USDOpen
15167Hall 1Morgan04.06.22 12:19:237170 USD04.06.22 18:11:461000 USD1000 USD0 USDOpen
16166Hall 3Leopoldo20.12.21 21:25:413510 USD21.12.21 11:29:51500 USD500 USD0 USDOpen
17165Hall 2Morgan08.12.21 15:45:506010 USD08.12.21 17:07:40200 USD200 USD0 USDOpen
18164Hall 2Morgan10.09.21 11:35:139280 USD11.09.21 05:09:24500 USD500 USD0 USDOpen
19163Hall 2Leopoldo16.08.22 22:33:256480 USD17.08.22 11:02:26500 USD500 USD0 USDClosed
20162Hall 3Shanny14.11.21 06:06:521890 USD14.11.21 13:08:30200 USD200 USD0 USDClosed
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