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The integrity of any website is defined by how convenient it is for all visitors. While regular people usually find no difficulties reviewing the content, users with disabilities require special care. The company wants to ensure website accessibility for all visitors and strives to achieve it with all means possible.

What Is Accessibility?

An average website can be considered accessible if any visitor can reach all content and every function. It particularly concerns users with body defects.

The site of the company complies with all general requirements, including:

  • complete accessibility to the entire platform functionality with a keyboard, mouse, touchpads, screen readers, and voice assistants;
  • mobile compatibility with all up-to-date devices through touch screens;
  • clear information perception even for visitors with visual, mental, physical, or hearing difficulties;
  • an absence of seizure-triggering animations, acidic colours, migraine-causing sounds that can harm sensitive users.

The accessibility of website ensures that all material can be reached regardless of the person who visits it.

Common Accessibility Problems team of developers regularly updates the working environment to guarantee a convenient and transparent user experience without any difficulties. We strive to get rid of any potential design and functionality issues that can disrupt accessibility.

The most common problems usually occur on different levels:


The major accessibility features can be formed with this technology.

If abused inappropriately by inexperienced web-engineers, some HTML elements can cause difficulties for site navigation


In combination with HTML, CSS functions complement the code and create an ideal surfing environment for site visitors.

A poor configuration of CSS can damage accessibility and distract users of the website


The integration of image, video, and audio content should correspond to the standards of the site both visually and on a code level.

Otherwise, the lack of display capabilities severely worsen the perception of information

Mobile integrity

A website should be adapted to desktop and mobile platforms with the preservation of all functions.

Otherwise, users of portable devices will not experience accessibility at its fullest

The Main Things about Ensuring Accessibility

The website accessibility is one of the most prioritised tasks for

We work hard to ensure:

  • easy access to all functions of the platform for people with and without mental and physical disabilities;
  • mobile compatibility of all digitally advanced devices;
  • the absence of any issues on the front- and back-end levels.

The team strives to make its website accessible to everyone including people with disabilities. If you encounter some difficulties while visiting this website, please inform our managers. We will consider the wishes and requirements of each user to make our website as comfortable as possible.

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