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#IDGroup nameGame IP providerLimitsParent limitsHall
1238Not setServer 1Not setUnlimitedHall 3
2237Not setServer 29.00 EURUnlimitedHall 3
3236Not setServer 110.00 EURUnlimitedHall 2
4235Not setServer 29.00 EURUnlimitedHall 1
5234Not setServer 26.00 EURUnlimitedHall 3
6233Not setServer 2Not setUnlimitedHall 2
7232Not setServer 2Not setUnlimitedHall 3
8231Not setServer 1Not setUnlimitedHall 3
9230Not setServer 2Not setUnlimitedHall 3
10229Not setServer 2Not setUnlimitedHall 3
11228Not setServer 19.00 EURUnlimitedHall 1
12227Not setServer 2Not setUnlimitedHall 1
13226Not setServer 28.00 EURUnlimitedHall 2
14225Not setServer 1Not setUnlimitedHall 2
15224Not setServer 2Not setUnlimitedHall 1
16223Not setServer 17.00 EURUnlimitedHall 1
17222Not setServer 1Not setUnlimitedHall 3
18221Not setServer 29.00 EURUnlimitedHall 1
19220Not setServer 18.00 EURUnlimitedHall 2
20219Not setServer 17.00 EURUnlimitedHall 1
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